July 9, 2014 2:17 PM

Wednesday - 7/9/2014

My anxiety level for my shoulder surgery on Friday is ramping up. I don't really fear anything about the surgery, but the recovery is daunting. Also, I have no idea how much or how little discomfort I will be in on Friday, Saturday, and the following several days. I know I am supposed to sleep sitting up with my arm immobilized. I tried that last night; it was horrible. I toss and turn a lot. Keeping still - even just my arm - is going to be very difficult.

I'm just complaining - it's not like I would not get this fixed. It is something to be endured (like Fight Gone Bad).

Sweaty Mess
800m run
50 Russian KBS
800m run
Ethan kicked my butt on this. I did the KBS at 44# so I could do them unbroken. It was 85° today and sweat was pouring off me. Ethan use 26# and broke it up into 5x10 - probably smarter.

3x10 GHD Back Extensions
3x10 Russian Twists

Double Tabata
16x:20 + :10 rest
Odd: single unders
Even: situps

We have an unknown, custom benchmark coming up tomorrow. I am guessing Handstand pushups, dead lifts, pull-ups and American KBS.