April 8, 2015 3:04 PM

Wednesday - 4/8/2015

Recovery day, so just worked on mobility and handstands.

10 wall walks (I still hate these, so I only got 1 of 3 sets that I owe)
2x20ft handstand walk along the wall
2x10 Freestanding handstand attempts
Wall walks are very tiring. I need to keep doing them, because they are a real weakness in my conditioning. Handstand walking along the wall got better as I worked on it. I had to focus on not getting closer to the wall and knocking myself over. Freestanding handstands are about the same as usual, but there are times where I can feel that I have better control. I need to work on some forward rolls so I am more comfortable throwing myself up into the handstand.

Also "tried" to do some handstand pops with a band. That was comical. I have vide, but my pride prevents my from posting it. Maybe I will some day - if I ever get some competency with them.