April 1, 2015 3:13 PM

Wednesday - 4/1/2015

Handstand Ninjas

10x10second handstand hold (belly to wall)
20 tuck ups
30 deficit hand release push-ups
40 superman pulses
The 10x10 was hardest simply because of the work it takes to get into that position. Rather than wall walking each one (which would be exhausting, I started a couple feet from the wall and kicked up. This way, I only had to walk back a couple steps. The tuck-ups and superman pulses highlighted the woeful condition of my core. Need to work on this stuff for sure. After this workout, I did some freestanding handstand holds. Longest success was about 5 seconds.

Strength Program

Used this recovery day to catch up on my missing lifts from Saturday.

5RM dead lift @ 275#
2x5 dead lift @ 260#