October 22, 2014 3:16 PM

Wednesday - 10/22/14

Double under practice

Since surgery, I have not really tried DUs. I did today and it was ugly. I eventually strung together about 10, but everything is off. This tells me that double unders are a perishable skill that needs to be practiced regularly to maintain any kind of proficiency.

Worked up to 185#. Jumped to 205# and got close a few times but never got the weight up.

For reps - 10:00 time cap
2000m row
Max KBS in remaining time @ 44# (American)
Finished the row in 8:30 and got 25 reps in the following 1:30.

Nutrition Challenge Points
Sleep=1, Real food=1, No alcohol=1, WOD=1, Water=1 Total is 5 points for today (out of 6 possible)