January 7, 2015 1:38 PM

Wednesday - 1/7/2015

The warm-up at CrossFit Boston was fun and different today. The call it "rowling." On a rower, pull for 100m, but the trick is to get the rower to be dead stopped at 100m - no extra spinout after that. Depending on your pace, you may need to stop pulling at 78m, or 85m, etc. The number of meters above or below 100 becomes your score.

We "rowled" several frames and each frame's score was translated into a number of reps of another movement. So first frame, I rowled a 2 so I have to do 2 toes-to-bar. Later I rowled a 5 for the round of cleans and pull-ups. I got to "strikes" - rowling exactly 100m.

Worked up to 145# today. I jumped to 170# after that because we were running out of time. Missed that lift. Another day.

60 cal row
50 toes-to-bar
40 wall balls
30 cleans
20 MU
I got to the cleans and finished 13 of them before time ran out (14:00)