September 30, 2014 1:46 PM

Tuesday - 9/30/2014

3RM Cleans

Most of the athletes worked up to a touch-n-go 3 rep max clean today. I modified this just to get some light cleans in (105#). This warmed up my left shoulder nicely.

1-Leg Deadlifts
3 rounds of 10 1-leg DL each leg
Total of 30 DL on each leg

2-arm Russian KB swings
24" box jump overs
GHD situps
The first round of situps took the longest. Otherwise, I was happy with my ability to keep moving.

10 back squats @ 105#
30 shrugs with 2 15# dumbbells

Also, I have new Therabands attached to my desk at Kayak to work on internal and external rotation of my left shoulder.