August 26, 2014 2:49 PM

Tuesday - 8/26/2014

10 minutes
Max GHD Hollow Holds

3 One-hand SDHP @ 125#
10 One-hand Hammer Curls @ 25#
The curls were just for fun with Frank and Jim.

400m run
30-20-10 of
    1-arm KBS @ 35#
    Abmat sit-ups
400m run
Finished in 9:24. Everything unbroken. Felt great, but this was a tough workout.

Started an unexpected 30-day Paleo Challenge with a handful of 2A people. We are testing out the Paleo Challenge App to see if it will be doable for the whole box. I need this badly - got to get food and drink under control and get my weight back down.