March 31, 2015 1:07 PM

Tuesday - 3/31/2015

14 pull-ups (broken up as 3,4,3,4)

Strict Press @ 135#


Strict Press @ 95#

8 rounds
8 Barbell rows @ 115#
:20 rest
:30 handstand hold
:20 rest

10 minutes rowing for max calories. Got 150 calories total.

Announced the start of the Handstand Ninjas Project to the CrossFit 2A membership. We have many more participants in this month's event than we did for the 50km rowing in March. Looking forward to 4 weeks of working on this. My plan (since I know how I feel after the regular strength workouts and daily WODs) is to get handstand work in before class when possible and at home after a rest period if I can't do it before class.