December 24, 2014 5:40 PM

Travel WODs - 12/22/2014 and 12/23/2014

The whole family went to NJ for the holidays. Between Anniversary (22nd), trip to NYC (23rd), and Christmas Eve church and party (24th), Katie and I managed to get over to CrossFit Mount Laurel a couple times. Turns out it was a good week to go. To end the year, they were focusing on 1RM lifts and moderate metcons.

The 22nd was 1RM clean & jerks. My old mark was 195#. Working with a partner, I got up to 200# and missed the jerk on 205# twice.

The 23rd was snatches. I hit 155# without a problem, but I couldn't get under anything heavier. I think this is mostly mental and a result of worrying about my weak left shoulder.

It was great to get back to Mount Laurel and visit with coach Lauren (and coach Tommy for a bit). I last saw Lauren at my CrossFit Weightlifting certification. We stayed in touch so that we could coordinate schedules and get a workout in together.