May 14, 2014 12:56 PM

Thursday - 5/15/2014

Noon Session

Shoulder rehab
Various exercises with the bands

Not Nancy
7 Front Squats (from ground)
200m run

Weights were 75#, 85#, 95#, 115#, 125#  Shoulder felt good thoughout; focused on hip drive to minimize upper arm involvement.

Shoulder stability
Hold KB overhead, inverted in one hand, walk around a bit, then switch hands.
On the box with 2.5# weights in each hand, 10 each of T's, Y's and I's

Clean and Squat practice
After class, worked up to cleaning 155# and 3 front squats in preparation for Sunday's comp.

Sunday I will be competing again. This time it is a mixed couples comp. I will be working with Olivia Dorrance, who agreed to jump in at the last minute. We are doing the scaled workouts to keep things manageable. Afternoon session today is to work on the competition WODs.

Afternoon session

Worked with Oliva on all 4 competition WODs.

Floater (Atlas stones in 1 minute)
We got 6, then 9 lifts in one minute

Practiced some cleans and squats. I got up to 155# with my sore shoulder. Olivia got to 100#.

We did 25 reps of each movement instead of the prescribed 50. We finished in just over 5 minutes. Burpees were the limiting factor.

Worked out a good scheme for alternating situps. Also sorted out communication for the KBS, lunges, and lifts.