March 5, 2015 3:39 PM

Thursday - 3/5/2015

I started with a 1k row before class. When class started, we did more rowing and a bunch of barbell work. Then we did a progression of cleans to get ready for the first workout. I only mention all this because my legs were already too tired when we started...

Worked from 135#, to 185#, then 225#. My existing PR is 230#, so I went for 235# a few times. I did not succeed. I got the bar high enough, but did not get myself low enough nor in the best position to catch the bar. I kept dumping it out front. Later I tried to clean & jerk 225# (which would have been a big PR), but I couldn't clean the weight by then.

3 rounds
3-5 cleans @ 135#
This was a quick cash out to get a little more sweat and form practice.

I added more rowing after class to get my total distance to 2500 for the day.

March Rowing
Today: 2500m
Total: 11,000m