February 5, 2015 1:48 PM

Thursday - 2/5/2015

Kipping practice

Lots of hollow holds, hollow rocks, superman holds, then some kipping. Felt pretty good on my shoulder. Got several pull-ups in, too. I need to work up to a high number of reps over the next couple weeks - pull-ups coming in competition and in the Opens.

7 RFT (15 minute cap)
3 Forward rolls
5 Wall walks (subbed inchworm push-ups)
7 T2B (Did those!)
9 box jumps (24")
I finished 5 rounds plus 4 more reps. The T2B actually took the most out of me. I was a little worried about my shoulder after round 3, but rounds 4 and 5 were fine.

Rowing Intervals

Here is a nice shot of my inspiration - Stacie Tovar.