November 5, 2015 11:05 AM

Thursday - 11/5/2015

3 Rounds of Double Unders + Wall Sits

Push Jerk
I actually exceeded my last PR for split jerk (and push jerk by extension). Put up 228#.

5 Rounds, 2:00 each with 1:00 rest
25 Air squats
15 T2B
Max KBS @ 44#
This killed me. I got 11 swings in the first round, 1 in the second, and zero after that. I tried getting a big set of T2B each round, but that left me gassed and unable to get all 15 within the 2 minutes. Aaron recommended starting out at a slower pace (sets of 2) so that I don't red line early. By the time I tried this (round 5), it was too late. That will be a strategy to try in the future.