January 29, 2015 3:20 PM

Thursday - 1/29/2015

DU Practice

Unlike a couple days again, my jump roping was totally on today. I was able to cruise through the singles, single legs, running man, 5 singles and 1 double, and a minute of doubles.

Bench press
Worked up to 175#. Got 3 reps at 180#. My existing 1RM was 190#, so I feel good about these numbers.

Bench press at 90% of above.
That was too heavy; I had to drop some weight to get all 5 reps.

15 Sit-ups
15 Power snatches @ 65#
30 Double unders
Finished just under the time cap at 15:41.  Best part of this was getting all 5 sets of 30 DU unbroken. Jump rope was on today for some reason.

Here I am with the mighty Sam Dancer at the ECC last weekend. Below that is his 655# deadlift from the Games last summer. The family and I were a few rows back in the stands for this amazing lift.