August 24, 2014 8:24 PM

Sunday - 8/24/2014

I went up to Lowell to watch the Boston Iron vs Miami Surge in the new NPGL (National Pro Grid League). This is a 2-hour competition that uses a relay race format to cycle athletes through workouts that are laid out in a grid. Station 1 might be dead lifts, 2 is pull-ups, 3 is burpees to a target, and 4 might be box jumps. The exercises change with each race.

The Boston Iron team includes Stacey Kroon, Dani Horan, Jessa Lamoine, Spencer Hendel, Paul Teehan, and several others.

It was exciting to watch, but it was clear by halftime that Boston was outmatched. There were plenty of exciting moments and amazing athletic efforts. I was glad I went to see it - I hope this catches on so there will be more of these.