May 19, 2014 7:12 AM

Sunday - 5/18/2014

Competed with Olivia at CrossFit 2A's Spring Fling Partner Comp. A perfect day, and we hit the ground running. We had a great first WOD then hit the floater. First WOD had us get 100# clean and 3-rep squat (Olivia) and 215# for me (10# more than the weight I tried when I hurt my shoulder). We got 15 reps of Atlas stones (vs. 9 in practice). 

The second WOD was 50 reps of push-ups, box jumps, cleans/dead lifts, burpees then 50 single unders each. We finished in 8:06. We felt like we must have skipped something because we were faster than we expected and could have handled a bit more.

The last WOD was 2 minutes of situps then 5 minutes of KBS, lunges, and presses/cleans. We almost finished 6 rounds. Very happy with how we did.

We finished in 25th place (out of 47 teams). Big thanks to Olivia for stepping in at the last minute and doing such a great job!