September 11, 2013 11:25 AM

Shoulder Recovery

My shoulder felt much better toward the end of last week. I started doing light work on it on Thursday. I have worked up to a few push-ups and a few pull-ups.

We took on back squats yesterday. My previous PR was 255#.  I got 275# 1RM. The first attempt was not quite deep enough (according to Jim), so I did it again and got full credit.

Today was hang cleans. I did the 6x3 working sets then jumped up to 185# (old PR was 195#). That weight felt good so I went to 200#. I got it cleaned on the second attempt. Went to 205# and failed twice. I got it racked in the squat position but could not stand up with it.

I tested the rings after class - my shoulder is not ready for that.

Nutritional seminar Saturday, competition with Maria on Sunday and the next Paleo Challenge starts Monday. More updates coming as that all unfolds.