August 13, 2013 1:15 PM

Setting Goals

After the recent renovations at CrossFit 2A, I realized that an important element of the "old box" was lost - the members' "Goals" board. For the first year, we had a pretty basic white board where we would all track the short-term goals. For many of those months, my goals included things like:
  • pistols
  • bar muscle up
  • muscle up
  • double-unders
All of these went on the board and hung around as a reminder for me to work on these at the end of each WOD or during open gym. Some were accomplished quickly but most took 2 or more months. However, eventually all of my short-term goals were accomplished. Crossing the goal off the board and adding it to the "Accomplishments" board was a satisfying step in progressing in CrossFit.

Now, the board is gone, but I am encouraging everyone to find a spot of blackboard and write a goal or two. Make it something realistic and set a time limit (like August or by the end of September). Ideally, put those goals out front where you and everyone else can track what you are working toward. You can have one goal or a handful. Here are some suggestions:
  • 1 strict pull up
  • 5 kipping pull ups
  • 10 double-unders
  • dead lift your body weight
  • climb the rope and touch the beam at the top (and come back down gracefully without injury)
  • 20 unbroken wall ball shots
  • handstand pushup
  • sign up for and complete a competition
If you have been CrossFitting for longer, you should have an idea of the areas that need work. Set attainable yet aggressive goals for yourself. Don't be satisfied with just doing the WOD each day - have short and medium-term goals that you can use to measure your progress.

This comes up today because I finally reached two of my (related) goals today - full range handstand push-ups and kipping handstand push-ups.

My current short-term goal is butterfly kipping pull-ups. I will be working on those almost daily because they are awkward for me right now, but I can feel myself getting closer each time I try.

Get your goals on the wall soon so you can start crossing them off!