November 28, 2015 7:45 PM

Saturday - 11/28/2015

1 minute each with 10 seconds of periodic "push" of max effort:
Squats + jumping squats
Hi/Lo planks + push-ups
Hollow hold + V-up push

Back squats
Worked on low bar squats. Started the "heavy" sets at 185# and worked up to 275#.

For time:
With a partner, dividing up work evenly
150 KBS @ 53#
250 Double unders
100 Hang squat clean thrusters
I partnered with Ned and Anthony for this one. Ned and I worked together, and Anthony worked alone for the alternating sets. We broke up the KBS into 15, then sets of 10. DU was mostly sets of 30 with a set of 35 to get the math right. We ended with sets of 5 thrusters. Those were horrible, but we only had to crank for about 4 minutes before time ran out. Ned and I finished 25 thrusters each, and Anthony got 20; so 45 reps of the 100.

Right before this workout started, I discovered that my beloved jump rope was missing. I have no idea where it is :-(  I last used it on Wednesday. I'm sure I left it somewhere I shouldn't have. I bought a new one tonight, and I will use a substitute until that arrives. Very sad.