November 14, 2015 5:10 PM

Saturday - 11/14/2015

Coached a regular Foundations class at 2A Saturday morning, followed by coaching my first group class at 9AM.

I was expecting 5-10 people; but as 9AM got closer it kept getting more and more crowded. At go time, there were about 20 people waiting to get started.That's a lot for any coach, much less for my first time. However, Nicole was there and helped out with making sure the instructions made it around the entire group.

The workout was Lumberjack 20 - this is a long WOD with loads of running between 10 rounds of different movements. I started with a warm-up I stole from Stacey Kroon's July 4th WOD; fast feet with turns, jumps, and burpees. After the warm-up, I had everyone figure out weights for the various lifts, set up boxes for jumps, and find their space and scale for pull-ups. To make sure we were good, we did a few reps of each movement. Then it was time to start. The workout took anywhere from 25 to 35 minutes depending on each athlete's scaling choices.

Ultimately, I was comfortable with coaching, got a few good pointers from Nicole, and the class seemed to respond well to the experience. Hoping I can do that more often soon.