August 20, 2013 1:03 PM

Progression and regression

I have been taking it easy this week because I hurt my left shoulder over the course of last week. How? Too much overhead lifting and butterfly pullup practice. I did 6 workouts in 4 days last week; 4 regular, lunchtime WODs and CrossFit 2A and 2 oly lifting sessions with John McEvoy at CrossFit Craic. Wednesday was a lunchtime workout of snatches followed by some butterfly pullup work. Wednesday night turned out to be snatch form and butterfly practice at Craic. This was all followed by an Rx Nancy on Thursday. That was it for my left shoulder.

So I took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. This week I am skipping all shoulder work (to the distinct displeasure of my legs and butt). Nicole has been giving me (and a few other shoulder-impaired members) some killer workouts to do instead of the regular WODs. Working around the injury feels like regressing a bit, but I recognize that I have been over-training (a lot) and need some extended recovery time to avoid serious injury.

I am doing very light rehab work with my shoulder and icing it 2 or 3 times a day. I can feel it slowly getting better, but I will not ramp back up until it is well repaired.

However, when I look back at last week, I am still very pleased with how I performed. I felt great and saw Nicole's photo of me working through Nancy - this is the second photo of me that I look at and think "Hey, I look like a Crossfitter!" It really has been amazing progress over the last 13 months and the last 2 or 3 have been slow but steady changes that I can see in the mirror.

Can't wait to recover and get back into it.