November 14, 2012 7:20 PM

Progress this week

Last week I got a dead lift PR of 200#. Quite happy with that. More lifts this week.

This week was focused on a lot of heavy lifting and getting ready for Friday Night Fran at Crossfit Craic.

Monday was Veteran's Day so we did the "Nutts" Hero WOD. This was a challenging workout. I felt good with the first half (including 25 30" box jumps), but the 100 wall balls sapped all energy. I finished last (not uncommon), but I finished. That beast took me 29 minutes to finish. Without a doubt this was the toughest workout I have done.

Tuesday was 5x5 power cleans and a WOD of push presses and burpees. Not a treat, but not as hard as Nutts. After all that, I did a few minutes of 75# thrusters to get ready for Fran.

Ron Lohse at Crossfit 2A

Wednesday was my first evening workout at Crossfit 2A (excluding the Halloween party craziness). This one was 3x5 back squats at 225# then KB swings and jump rope. This was the first time I had Greg as the coach. I have to admit I liked his coaching style a lot; he was very confident and spent time with each of us with intent focus and helpful advice to tweak form or to get a bit more effort. I have always said - usually about soccer - that the more coaches you can get exposed to the better. Seems to hold true here as well. Good stuff. But Nicole is still #1 :-)

Of course, after a night of back squats and Tuesday's cleans and thrusters, my new OLYs arrived at home. I gave them a quick cook to get them fitted. Looks like they will be broken in Friday Night!

Ron Lohse