September 17, 2012 3:06 PM

Paleo Challenge Day 1

I spent the weekend getting ready for this change. I have been relying on carbs to get me by since I was about 35. At that time, my cholesterol was through the roof and I had to cut out dairy, cheese, and red meat. I filled up since then on pasta, Diet Coke, some fruit, and seafood and chicken.

This weekend I ordered and ate my first steak in 11 years. I had it will grilled peppers. It was damn fine!

Last night I went shopping to stock up with the right foods for this week. That made it easy this morning to make a breakfast of Egg Beaters, peppers, and turkey. I brought in snack food to keep me away from the work kitchen that is loaded with temptation.

I had a good workout at lunchtime, then had a salad with spinach and chicken with carrots, mushrooms, raisins and a bit of olive oil.

The other big change is that I have not had my beloved Diet Coke today. It is 3PM and, so far, I am not missing it. I suspect Diet Coke will be the hardest thing to give up (I promise to at least try!).

I weighed in at 209lbs and Nicole measured my flabby folds (lucky her). Next measurement is next Monday.