June 6, 2013 11:33 AM

PR Tally Continues to Rise

This has been a great week of small improvements. Monday was 1RM thrusters. This was pretty much horrible to do, but I was very pleased with a new PR of 155#. Tuesday was more shoulder work at CrossFit 2A, this time was strict presses at 95# and then 115# snatches. Those were not PRs.  Tuesday night I went to CrossFit Craic to work on weighted pull ups (for the first time) and push presses. I manage several pull ups with a 23# kettlebell, then I topped out the push press at 155# (new PR).  Wednesday was mostly a running day with loads of sprints. Thursday at 2A was 1RM overhead squats. My previous best that I had written down was 115#, but that was at the end of a workout and I snatched it to get the weight up there to start - not ideal for a PR. Today saw me get 125# (in the video), then 145# a few minutes later. I still managed to get 3 reps, so I don't actually know my 1RM, yet.