June 1, 2014 11:07 AM

Northeast Regionals

I spent the weekend with Laurie and a rotating group of friends watching the Northeast Regionals.

As expected, there were several inspirational athlete stories that developed over the weekend. My main interest in the games was to see the team from CrossFit Free. I have competed at this box a few times, and I respect the dedication and effort they have put into two years of work towards developing a world class team. After getting knocked out on day one last year, they finished in the top 12 this year. This was a huge accomplishment despite not reaching their goal of top 3.

Ben Isabella was another great story, though I question the wisdom of his choice to finish the last workout. Ben is in amazing shape, but the rigors of three days took a heavy toll on his right shoulder and he completed the last workout (pull-ups and 205# OH squats) with an ace bandage barely holding him together.

Also during the weekend, I got some great photos. I have included the best below. Me with Dave Castro, Christmas Abbott, and getting photo bombed by friends in the stands. Good stuff.

However, the story of the weekend was Stacey Kroon.  After an unfortunate (coaching) misstep on event #1 (max hang squat snatch), Stacey was unable to get any score - if you miss a weight, you cannot drop down but can retry the same or heavier weight. After failing her weight 3 times, she was tied for last place (33rd).

After that, she was on the comeback trail. Stacey crushed each event for the rest of the weekend and returned to the top 12 before the last workouts on Sunday. She place 5th in 3 of the remaining events and then placed 3rd overall on the last workout. That propelled her to 9th place in the region. We can always do the math of what might have been if she had snatched 135-150# in event 1, but, ignoring that, Stacey put on an inspirational show of skill, effort, determination, grace and heart all weekend long. It was a pleasure to watch this unfold.

Watching Regionals has cranked me up, and I can't wait to get back to Carson, CA, to watch the Games in July!

Ron Lohse and Dave Castro

Ron Lohse and Christmas Abbott

Ron Lohse at 2014 CrossFit Northeast Regionals