June 20, 2013 7:36 AM

Morning Class PR

I went to the 6:30AM class today at CrossFit 2A. Chad was coaching and several 2A friends that I rarely get to work out with were on hand. I was going to skip today (scheduling conflicts), but I saw that we were doing clean and jerks for a 1RM, so I got up early and drove up. I had watched the video that Nicole posted and was determined to improve my squat clean. With lighter weight, I felt like I had the form going pretty well. As I got heavier, the "shrug" got harder and I had more trouble completing the lift.

My old PR for clean and jerk was 175# from last month. I got 155# easily. There was a shortage of 10's, so I ended up at 185# pretty quick. I gave that about 5 tries and could clean it a few times, but could not get it overhead. As others finished, more weights became available and I dropped down to 180#. It took a few attempts, but as we ran out of time, I managed to clean it and jerk it. My form must have been better because it felt better going up.

After class, Mike and Chad started the workout. I had nowhere to be, so I spent more time on squat cleans and tried a few more clean and jerks. I tried 185# again, but no dice. Maybe soon, though.

So the new C+J PR stands at 180#.