September 29, 2014 1:43 PM

Monday - 9/29/2014

5 minutes of jump rope

I still have to focus on single unders as DU hurts my shoulder too much. I did get about 10 DU after the 5 minutes when my shoulder was warmed up.

3x8 Front Squat

65% of 1RM
This was the first time I loaded a bar in the rack position since surgery. It hurt a bit just pressing down on my shoulder, but I was able to tolerate up to 165#. This is not quite 65% of my old 270# 1RM, but for my first attempt, I will take it.

5 Front Squats @ 95#
10 box jumps @ 24"
200m run
I finished 5 full rounds plus 4 more front squats.

Overall, it felt great to start getting back to doing most of the WOD without modification.