February 23, 2015 3:00 PM

Monday - 2/23/2015

Min 1: 5 strict pull-ups
Min 2: Max handstand hold
Min 3: 150m row (rowling for music)
I won the rowling part of this, so we all got to listen to Deadmau5 for the class.


2,2,2 push press
1 min rest
2,2,2 HSPU with a 31x pace

3 pistols each leg
3 manmakers (push press, push-up, row right, push-up, row-left, push-up, clean, repeat)
Finished 4 rounds plus 5 reps.

Extra credit
Row 1000m.
Starting to build up rowing tolerance so I can start a rowing challenge next month. I want to be able to do about 2500m extra rowing each day so I can total 50km for the month of March.