October 9, 2014 1:41 PM

Monday - 10/9/2014

While those with healthy shoulders were bench pressing, I worked on dead lifts. I was not impressed. This was my first day in 13 weeks (since shoulder surgery) that I tried to go heavy on dead lifts. I worked up to 225# for 3 reps. Before surgery (BS?), my 1RM was 315# - I feel like I am a long way from that number now. I will note that yesterday was a bunch of 1-legged dead lifts that my have left me a bit less than 100% today.

Then I took on a modified version of "Nicole."

Nicole - AMRAP 20
400m run
8 GHD sit-ups (instead of max effort pull-ups)
I finished 5 full rounds plus another 400m run. Like other workouts recently, I was happy with my conditioning; I was able to keep moving through the whole 20 minutes of work.