October 5, 2015 2:09 PM

Monday - 10/5/2015

I competed in the CrossFit 2A Masters Team Competition on Sunday with Keith Brown. He and I had discussed doing this comp when we were in Carson watching the Games. He was out to support his masters athlete, Lonnie, and I was there with the family to watch everyone. After the first day of the Games, Keith and I were relaxing in the jacuzzi at the hotel. Keith commented that we should do a masters comp together sometime. As the time drew close, we worked it out to do the 2A comp about a 10 days before go time.

We worked on the elements of the WODs separately, and tried to sort out strategy while watching other heats do the work.

Ultimately we came in 7th out of 10 teams. I am actually very happy with that outcome. Keith and I had a great time getting through this.

Power clean & jerk (touch and go off shoulders)
Worked up to 205#

7 C&J (tng) @ 95#
7 Front squats @ 95#
20 DU
7 pistols (each side)
Finished in 12:34. Went a bit light on this so I could keep moving and recover from yesterday's comp.