January 12, 2015 4:34 PM

Monday - 1/12/2015

Today's workouts at CrossFit Boston hit all my weaknesses. We were supposed to hit muscle ups, bar muscle ups, and pistols. My shoulder is not ready for either kind of MU, and my knees can't tolerate pistols. I subbed a lot.

MU Practice
Ring rows, push-ups, transition practice

Worked up to 205#.

Clean pull using the weight above (205#)
5 second descent for each rep (like a slow reverse deadlift)

10 Ring rows
10 Dips
5 back leg raised single leg lunges (+30#)
15 KBS (34#)
I finished 2 full rounds plus 10 more ring rows.

I did practice a little bit of kipping practice just to see how my shoulder would like it. Not terrible, but not strong, either.

We had a drop in, too. This is April and she was amazing!