November 22, 2015 12:03 PM

Lando In-house Comp

I spent Saturday at CrossFit Lando in Woburn doing their in-house comp. I had prepared for this by doing WODs 1 and 3 earlier in the week. Unfortunately, I practiced using the scaled weights and was told Saturday morning that ALL men would be doing RX. That was fine for WOD 3 (max C&J), but WOD 2 was going to be tough.

WOD 1 was not terrible - AMRAP 7 of 7 Thrusters, 7 Box jumps, and 7 Burpees. The weight was 95# vs the 65# I had practiced. I have done plenty of 95# thrusters over the years, so this was nothing new - just more that I was bargaining for that morning. Mike from Woburn crushed this workout in the first heat; it looked like it was his day from the beginning.

WOD 2 was awful for me. AMRAP 8 that included (and started with) EMOM 8 5 Squat cleans @ 95#. Between squat cleans, complete 10 wall walks, 20 jumps to 12" above your reach, and 30 snatches @ 95#. The first minute went well, then things went off the rails. I finished the cleans plush 3 wall walks. Time to clean again, then 2 wall walks. Suddenly there was no air in the room (other athletes did not seem to notice this). Cleans + 1 rep. Cleans - no time for any reps of wall walks - cleans again. 1 more rep. Eventually, I finished the wall walks during the last minute. I got a few jumps in as time ran out. This WOD exposed my MetCon weakness. The top athletes (Mike and Strang) got deep into the snatches before time ran out.

WOD 3 was much better. 8 minutes for a max Clean & Jerk, 1 minute rest, 1 minute of double unders. I had practiced with single unders - no problem - but I don't like doing double unders in Oly shoes. I got a PR on the lift - 230# (+3) - and 54 double unders. Before lifting, we all had weighed in. Scoring would not be just the heaviest weight plus reps. It was that number divided by your body weight. This WOD belonged to Mike again.

Dan Dionne and Talia Vinograd represented Canal Park well; each of them made it into the final workout. While neither reached the podium, I'm excited that our new gym is already producing some competitive, badass athletes. Next year, I expect the Canal Park to have a few more competitors ready to take on the Woburn juggernaut.

Later Saturday night, the Landos from both gyms met at Causeway in Boston. It was a chance to meet a bunch of people and get to know others a bit better outside the gym. I may have had a bit much to drink, but I parked a few T stops away to keep it safe. In fact, the ride and walk back to the car was the best part of the day.