December 17, 2014 4:11 PM

It's getting real - changing boxes

Tomorrow is my last day commuting to Concord, MA, for work. When I come back from vacation, I report to work at our new offices in Cambridge (10 Canal Park for those that want details).

This means that, after tomorrow, I will no longer be a regular fixture at the noon class at CrossFit 2A. The thought of changing boxes, opening a new page in my training and CrossFit journey, should be exciting, but I am sad and apprehensive about this.

I have been going to 2A since they first opened. The timing was serendipity - I was looking for a box near work and Nicole had just opened a couple weeks before. I was woefully out of shape; I was very overweight and none of that mass was muscle. In the early days, Nicole posted a question on the blackboard, "What is HAM?" I know the right answer now, but at the time I had to go with "He's all marshmallow."

Since then, I got some conditioning and muscle. I started competing - mostly scaled, sometimes team, sometimes masters, and sometimes just for fun. I over-trained and hurt my shoulder, got it fixed, and am now well on my way back to 100%. I got my CF Level 1 certification and then CrossFit Weightlifting. I have been working with Nicole to design and coach a Foundations class at 2A.

Today I had to pack up my desk full of 10 years of work stuff mixed with my zombies, Powerpuff Girls, Kiss dolls, skulls, work anniversary trophies, and CrossFit posters (Camille) and reminders (I have a small version of Diane Fu's lifting diagrams and a full page of motivational keys to success). That got me to where I am now - realizing that this change is inevitable and the future (at least with CrossFit) is uncertain.

The plan is to drop-in on a couple boxes near the new office during the holidays. I have a first and second choice (CrossFit Boston and Avalon CrossFit) already, and a third choice (CrossFit Back Bay) that would be #1 if it were closer. Even with drop-ins, there is no guarantee I will make the right choice. I know what I like about my box and I know what I have liked and disliked about the dozens of boxes I have visited in my travels. It is going to be tough to make the right choice based on 1 or 2 drop-ins. Culture and community are so important and hard to gauge based on a couple hours in a new box.

Hopefully, I will have made a choice by January 5th, and I will hit the ground running with a new box. Until then I will be experimenting, comparing, and consulting with friends to make the best choice I can.