March 18, 2013 1:31 PM

Grace PR

Even after doing 13.2 for a second time on Sunday, I opted to do Grace today. I have not done 30 clean and jerks at 135# for time before, and I wanted to get this in the books. it was heavy, and I was slow - doing these one at a time, but I finished at 10:21. I would like to have finished under 10 minutes, but getting the last few after that mark was OK, too. I was just glad to have a real benchmark from which to measure future performances.

My next objective is to get an Rx Fran. I have done Fran three times - each with 75# instead of 95#. I think the last few months have seen an increase in shoulder capacity, and I know my pull-ups are getting better. Hopefully, I will have a chance for Fran soon - but maybe not before the Opens are complete.