January 15, 2014 12:19 PM

Getting ready for another crazy one

This Saturday, Katie and I will be competing in the Crossfit Free "Frosty Flourisher" for up-and-coming crossfitters. Brandon has posted two workouts so far. The first is a relatively tame bike, clean/jerk, burpee triplet. The second is a grueling test of endurance; 3,200 meter row with a 15 minute time cap. I tried this workout today to prepare.

We were doing a 2K row at CrossFit 2A anyway, so I added 1,200 meters to that. I finished the 2K in 8:28 and the 3.2K in 13.28. I kept a steady pace the whole time. I tried not to go out too fast. I focused on conserving energy early and maintaining pace from the middle to the end.

It was hard, but not impossible. I am actually looking forward to doing it again on Saturday now that I know how it feels.

Ron Lohse CrossFit Rowing