January 9, 2014 11:53 AM

Getting Ready...Again

It is almost show time again. This Sunday I will be participating in the CrossFit 2A Winter Partner Throwdown. This will be my second Rx competition. It will be a bit easier than the last since it is all 2-person (same gender) teams, and my partner is Freddys Garcia - he is plenty strong and will be a big help in many of my weak areas. We have spent the last week rehearsing the workouts, and we have a good idea what we are capable of doing. Now we are in the critical last few days - no more hard workouts, lots of mobility, rest, eat right, and be prepared to bring it on game day.

In other news, I hit a new Front Squat PR today. 255# after working up with sets of 2 through 245#. My previous 1RM for front squat was 235#.