December 3, 2013 12:08 PM

Getting Ready for the Weekend

This weekend will be my first real foray into Rx competition. This means that I will be going up against guys that are 25 years younger than me, twice as strong as I am, with bulging muscles and egos. There are four workouts scheduled, and I feel pretty good about two of them.  The first is a double-under/snatch combination. I think I will be in the middle of the pack for this one just because I think (hope) that I can snatch pretty heavy. The floater workout is a short sandbag/burpee challenge. I don't think anyone has a huge advantage with these, so some people will do better than me and some will do worse.

The middle workout is cleans, lunges and burpees. The lunges (at 135#) are the killer here. I expect to suffer for the full duration of this workout. The last workout is 40 chest-to-bar pullups, 30 dead lifts @ 185#, 20 box jumps @ 30", and 10 thrusters @ 135#.  I ran through this workout last week and it was unpleasant. My weakness is right at the top with the 40 chest-to-bar pullups. I know I can do all of this, but it is going to take me a while to complete it.

Between now and Saturday I have 2 objectives: first is to eat very clean to try to drop the Thanksgiving weekend poundage. Every pound I can shed will make the pullups that much easier. I have been watching every mouthful for 2 days now. Three more and I will be ready to go Saturday morning.  My second task is to continue doing scaled down versions of these workouts. I did a bunch of 135# squat cleans today and lots of double unders yesterday and today.  I plan to do half of the chest-to-bar workout tomorrow or Thursday - 20 pullups, 15 deads, 10 box jumps, and 5 thrusters. Doing a small version of the workout helped a lot during the Opens, so I will give that strategy a try again.

Other than that, I will continue to nurse the various aching joints on my body and mobilize in every free moment. My first objective for Saturday is to avoid injury, followed by completing each workout, followed by supporting my fellow CrossFit 2A athletes, then, lastly, doing well in the standings.

Ron Lohse Crossfit Weightlifting