April 23, 2013 1:43 PM


This week has been difficult. I'm not sure why, yet, but I am not 100%. The muscle-up is gone again, so is the bar muscle-up, as wells as 95# thrusters. I don't have any pain, but between technique and strength, I feel like I am performing at about 80%.

I still managed to get in a decent workout yesterday and today - meaning I lifted some weight, threw my body up and down for burpees, box jumps, push-ups, pull-ups and ring rows - but I know I can do more than I have lately. How do I know? I have done it all before. But not this week.

So what changed? For one, I took 3 days off (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) after a hard Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Despite these extra rest days, I actually have been getting a little less sleep than usual. Another change was a couple drinks (Black Russians - my favorite) Friday night and Sunday night; normally I only have water, but it has been one of those weeks (terrorists, kids home for vacation week, etc). Lastly, I have had a bit more sugar lately (found a stash of carmel apple lollipops) - these I know must go.

Last night - better sleep, no lollipos nor alcohol. Today, still not 100%.

I am not saying something is broken or not working, just that I am frustrated with this performance dip. I expect to improve a little bit each week, and working through this slump is annoying. Hopefully it will fix itself with time and steady effort.