August 22, 2014 2:05 PM

Friday - 8/22/2014

1-Arm Isabel
30 Snatches for time (40#)
This was heavy on my right shoulder, but light on my legs. Unbroken = 1:36

OTM 12
Odd: Airdyne sprint for :40
Even: Max GHD hollow hold
Because the clock was not running for me, this turned into 6 rounds not really for time. I tried to keep moving the whole time. Pushed the last AD hard and felt it in my legs for quite a while after.

I other news, today was the start of week 7 since shoulder surgery - I am officially out of my sling! Started the next phase of rehab early this morning and got my arm into some new positions (behind my back, straight overhead, and both hands behind my head like I was lounging in a chair). A fair amount of new pain from pushes the edges of my mobility, but it was all good. Felt great to start moving it around a bit more.