April 8, 2016 3:59 PM

Friday - 4/8/2016 - Birthday double-header

I had been waiting on this day for several months now. Today I turned 50. There are lots of stuff going on in my life these days. Some of them make me feel old, many of them make me feel young. Among them, CrossFit has become so much more to me than a way to stay fit one hour at a time.

I marked this birthday with going to CrossFit twice. The 1pm class was doing Annie - one of my favorites. The 5pm class was doing Elizabeth - not a favorite, but was eager to work out with that group, too, today.

I finished Annie in 7:42 - a solid PR! I did Elizabeth light so I could get a good sweat going. Not RX, but I had a great time getting it done with the 5pm group.