March 13, 2015 3:22 PM

Friday - 3/13/2015

I was reluctant to do today's WOD because CFB happened to program 5x15 wall ball shots for the day before I will be doing 15.3 (rounds of 50 wall balls and 200 single unders for me). Glad I did it anyway, gave me better insight into a good plan for the Open WOD.

Strict Press
My old 1RM strict press from last September was 125#. Today I repped out 5 @ 135#. When I was done, I added 10# and got a new 1RM PR of 145#. It is amazing to me how many PR's I have been amassing in the last month.

15 unbroken wall balls (20# to 9' mark)
15 GHD situps
GHD situps had to go after the second round. The thin padding on the one I had was killing my feet. My abs were OK, but my feet were screaming. Finished the workout in 10:58.

What I learned is that 15 unbroken wall ball shots quickly takes its toll and demands too much rest between sets. For the 50's tomorrow, I will try to do the first round in 5x10 and the second in 10x5. My goal is to just get into the third round before the 14 minutes are up. Pacing in the wall ball will be critical to having the lung capacity to continue.

March Rowing
Today: 1500m
Total: 24,800m