March 11, 2013 12:06 PM

First Muscle Up

After 2+ months of trying, I finally got my first muscle up today. And then a second. Of course, I have to thank Nicole at Crossfit 2A - she has been watching, coaching, and encouraging me for a few minutes after every class for the last 2 months while I struggled with this. Others that deserve mention include Zach at Crossfit Max Effort in Las Vegas who had me focus the last couple weeks on improving chest to bar pullups. I think that was a big help. Also, John McEvoy at Crossfit Craic who spotted me last week to help me get a feel for the transition.

Ultimately, though, I am taking credit. I have lost weight and improved my strength in just about every way possible. It has been a long, frustrating, and sweaty journey to this point. Of course, now I have to come up with the next goal. I am thinking a sub-10 minute RX Fran, but that may still be a fair distance away.

Ron Lohse first muscle up