January 21, 2014 11:33 AM

Feeling old and young at the same time

This past Saturday was the "Frosty Flourisher" at CrossFit Free. This comp was designed for the "up-and-coming" crossfitter. Based on the field of athletes that showed up, "up-and-coming" was open to wide interpretation. There were some beasts, a few newbies, and a good sized group of old guys like me.

The workouts made me feel old and slow. For the most part, I was strong enough and healthy enough to move the weight; I just was not very fast at anything.

The sad part of the day was a moment of my dorky youth coming back in spades - in front of a number of other athletes. There was a warm-up area that had bikes, rowers, bars, and boxes set up. Between the first and second workouts, I warmed up with the bar (hang cleans and shoulder to overheads) before moving on to the 30" box jumps. The box I picked was on a lifting platform. As I hit the box top, it shifted forward and I started to fall back where I came from. There was nothing to grab (though I flailed in an uncoordinated flap-flap-flap). I hit the floor and smashed my elbow/triceps on a barbell. That hurt like hell. I looked around - everybody had watched the ungraceful crash to the ground. "Dork" I think I could actually hear their thoughts.

I got up, dusted off, switched boxes (to one that was on a non-slip pad) and got in a few reps. I was in pain for the rest of the day, although the 3,200m row warmed my arm up nicely.

It is now Tuesday (3 days later) and my arm almost feels better. I may be in the best shape ever, and I know my age is limiting me a bit, but worse is the feeling of "newborn fawn on ice" that brings back memories of the distinctly un-athletic kid I used to be.