August 15, 2016 12:45 PM

Been a While

I have spent several months now not logging workouts. It was just laziness. I still try to hit the gym almost every day. In fact, today I went twice to compensate for a weekend of bad eating.

Those that are closest to me know that there is a lot going on in my personal life that will likely never show up in details here. However, I have learned again the value of barbell therapy. On days when I feel down, or overwhelmed, or frustrated, or just "less" than my usual self, an hour in the box invariably leaves me restored. It may not be permanent, but it buoys me for that day, and I can plan on repeating that process the next day.

Overhead Squat
Worked from 75# up to 140#. Considering I am still strengthening my right shoulder, I was quite happy with this.

6 Power snatch
9 Bar facing burpees
Finished 4 rounds and 3 more OHS

3 Rounds
:45 at each movement, :15 rest/transition
Goblet squats @ 44#
KBS @ 44#
Subtle, yet horrible

3 Rounds
15 Box jumps @ 24"
10 SDLHP @ 44#
5 Wall climbs
The wall climbs were the worst of this by far. Finished the last 5 wall climbs in a sprint to beat the time cap. Still not good at those; they suck the energy from my body and soul.