July 9, 2013 1:02 PM

Back in the Rings

After an indulgent week of vacation, I was hesitant to try muscle-ups again. Before I left, I had spent about 2 weeks avoiding the rings because of a mild pain in my shoulder that I am pretty sure I collected when I tried to string two MUs together. While on vacation, I only hit the box once, and the pain dissipated.

Yesterday's workout involved a ton of handstand pushups, so I was not surprised that muscle-up attempts were unsuccessful. Today was light cleans and running. I wrapped my wrists in purple pre-wrap and tape, chalked up, and went for it. I flailed like a fish on the first one, but got up there! I tried a second one a minute later with a much better, controlled kip that focused more momentum up (rather than up and out). That attempt was much better and was an easy success.

I am avoiding stringing them together for the time being. I want to focus on building up my shoulder strength and mobility before I dive back into that pool.