December 13, 2012 6:39 PM

A couple more milestones

I have kept on the Paleo Diet since the challenge started back in September. At that time, I weighed in at 219. This morning I officially hit my target weight - 185 lbs. Laurie was sleeping in the other room while I was doing the happy dance all around the bathroom. It was a great feeling, but would have been humiliating if anyone saw my gyrations :-)

My next goal was to climb the rope and return to Earth without injury. I have made two successful ascents in the past, but both ended with pretty ugly wounds. The first involved sliding down the rope at Crossfit One with the rope running diagonally across the fron of my left leg. By the time I hit the floor, I had a pretty serious burn that has left a large eye-shaped scar.

My second descent was at Crossfit 2A and was a fast slide - I lost my grip at the top and thought I was going to plummet to the ground. Instead, I held on to control my fall, but ripped the tips off a couple fingers.

I watched a bunch of videos on rope climbing form yesterday and hit the rope today with a plan. I did a couple practice runs; only going up a few feet to get my technique. Then I hiked up my socks and went for it. It was not effortless, but I made it all the way up, tapped the rafter, and came down hand-over-hand without any wounds. Another goal achieved.

What's next? I need to focus on improving my dead lifts. At 46, I have to watch what I do to my back, and bad form is a killer.