October 9, 2013 1:10 PM

13.5 Redux

We did 13.5 again on Monday. That turned in to an awful workout for me - here's why. In the morning, I looked up my score from April for this workout and wrote it down. At the gym, as we prepared to start the 4 minutes of thrusters and chest-to-bar pull-ups, I "mis-remembered" my score and thought I had a 67. I wanted to improve, so I was shooting for about 73 reps.

After the first round of 15 thrusters and 15 pull-ups (30 reps), there was about 1:20 left. What?? I was way more than 50% done on the clock and way behind on reps. I was never going to get close to 73 or my old 67. I was pissed and, rather than work hard, stewed of and on for the rest of the workout and only did 5 more thrusters. Final score: 35.

About 10 minutes later, I went to my phone and looked up my score again from April. NOT 67, BUT 37!!  Now I was pissed all over again because I dogged the workout and still almost matched my score. If I had just kept working, I would have beaten it easily. Nicole assured me, "You can always do it again."

I took her up on that today. I had gotten a couple days of good eating and good rest and was ready to hit it again. I got the first 15 thrusters unbroken. Pull-ups took more time - 5 then 3, then a mix of ones and twos. I finished the first round with just about 2 minutes left. The next set of thrusters seems to weigh twice as much. I did these as 5, 5, 2, and 3. I had a few seconds left to get 3 more pull-ups. Final score: 48. This was a 29% improvement over my April score. Checking the Opens' Leaderboard, I would move up 6,376 spots (worldwide) with this score.

It is amazing the impact of having started the first workout with an unrealistic goal had on my performance. When I realized I was not going to make it, I let myself stop working. If I had just adhered to the mantra "Every Rep Counts" I would have done much better on Monday and not needed to do this beast twice this week.

Anyway, I am happy with my new score. It at least confirms the conclusion from re-testing the other Open workouts; I am about 10-20% better at CrossFit than I was 6 months ago. I'll take that kind of progress all day long.