May 19, 2014 12:34 PM

100,000 Pounds in a month?

Chuck Miller shared a link on Facebook to ProjectBarbell. The writer is on a mission to lift a million pounds, but has challenged others to lift 100K. There is a free barbell as a prize. I don't need another barbell, but I am interested to see if I can do this.

The point is to pick 3 lifts and only count the volume (sets x reps x weight) lifted when performing those lifts. I have selected dead lifts, cleans, and snatches. I have an injured shoulder right now, so my snatches may not start right away and won't be heavy. I plan to explore some lifting programs to add some structure to these extra efforts.

I am counting today's workout as the first drops in the bucket... 8 sets of 1 rep of cleaning 95# = 760# so far.

Stay tuned for updates.