Benchmarks & PR's


Monday - 10/5/2015

I competed in the CrossFit 2A Masters Team Competition on Sunday with Keith Brown. He and I had discussed doing this comp when we were in Carson watching the Games. He was out to support his masters athlete, Lonnie, and I was there with the family to watch everyone. After the first day of the Games, Keith and I were relaxing in the jacuzzi at the hotel. Keith commented that we should do a masters comp together sometime. As the time drew close, we worked it out to do the 2A comp about a 10 days before go time.

We worked on the elements of the WODs separately, and tried to sort out strategy while watching other heats do the work.

Ultimately we came in 7th out of 10 teams. I am actually very happy with that outcome. Keith and I had a great time getting through this.

Power clean & jerk (touch and go off shoulders)
Worked up to 205#

7 C&J (tng) @ 95#
7 Front squats @ 95#
20 DU
7 pistols (each side)
Finished in 12:34. Went a bit light on this so I could keep moving and recover from yesterday's comp.

Thursday - 10/01/2015

10 Wall balls
8 Wall balls
Hang pulls
6 Wall balls
Hang snatches
4 Wall balls
Squat snatches
10 Wall balls
10 burpees
200m run
Hang snatches while partner does 10+10
200m run

10 Ab wheels
10 sit-ups
10 Windshield wipers with barbell held at the top of a press

2 DL @ 225#
12 unbroken wall balls
Rest 7:00, then...

For Time
25 Hang squat snatches
500m run
I finished 6 rounds of the DL/Wall ball WOD. All wall balls were unbroken and my breathing was much more controlled. Broke up the snatches into 15+5+5. Finished that in about 5:30.

This photo is from the nascent gym we are building at KAYAK. This is the Rogue squat stand and pull-up bar, barbell and weights, and dumbbells. There are a couple Again Faster kettlebells hiding in there, too.


Wednesday - 9/30/2015

With a 35# plate...
:30 ground 2 OH, :15 strict press, :30 ground to OH
:30 hollow hold
:30 walking lunges, :15 jumping squats, :30 lunges
:30 hollow hold
:30 squats, :15 jumping squats, :30 squats
:30 hollow hold
:30 burpees to the plate, :15 push-ups on the plate, :30 burpees to the plate

Find max for this complex:
5 back squats
1 jerk
5 hang cleans
5 lunges
5 tng cleans
Worked from 75# up to 135# (which was my goal for this one).

30 unbroken DU
Finished 5 and got 24 on my last attempt at the 6th.

Tuesday - 9/29/2015

Push Press
Worked from 95# to 215#. Failed after that.
15 Burpees
15 Thrusters 95/65
15 Jumping pull-ups
Finished 2 full rounds and almost a third.

Monday - 9/28/2015

5 Rounds
5 Russian KBS @ 53#
5 American KBS @ 53#
5 Goblet squats @ 53#
2 Burpees
Rest 0:10

5x2 Dead lift with 2 second pause at the knees each rep
Worked up to 265#

7 Hang snatch
7 Strict pull-ups
75m run
Did this with 75#. Finished 3 rounds plus 1 rep.

Thursday - 9/24/2015

Run, squats, plank walking, plank with alternating raised arms.
5 rounds
5 G2OH w/ 35# plate
5 Burpee onto plate
5 squats w/35# plate held to chest
The last couple rounds were very difficult.

O: 3 weighted good mornings
E: 30 seconds of accumulated L-sits

2 Wall walks
5 Wall balls
2 Wall walks
10 Wall balls
Continue adding 5 wall balls each round.
I finished the round of 15 unbroken. Finished the round of 20 with 4x5 wall balls. Ran out of time after 2 more wall walks.

Wednesday - 9/23/2015 - Second Session

I signed up to do the CF2A Masters Team Competition next weekend. My partner will be Keith Brown. This, combined with other stresses in my life right now, kept me up most of the night.

I don't want to let my partner down in this competition. At the same time, some of the other teams have serious heavy hitters, including Joe Ames who won the 50-54 division of the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA, earlier this year.

One of my biggest worries was on the first WOD, so I went back to Canal Park to give it a try. My hands were still pretty tore up and sore from yesterday, but I taped up as best I could and got on with it.

For time
Row 300m
30 KBS @ 53#
20 Pull-ups
10 burpee box jump overs
Row 300m
Everything went great until the pull-ups. I had to break them up quite a bit and that chewed up a load of time. I did the KBS in two sets of 15 and that was comfortable, even with just a few seconds of rest. I finished this first run in 7:40. I know I will need to take a lot of time off that before next week to be where I can be happy with my score.

Later in the competition will include a bunch of barbell work with 115#. This includes a bunch of bear complexes, lunges, and shoulder to overheads. I worked through a bunch of that to start getting used to the weight. So far, it's all good.

Wednesday - 9/23/2015

1-5: 2 cleans + 2 jerks
1:00 rest
7-11: 1 clean + 2 jerks
1:00 rest
13-17: 1 clean + 1 jerk
Worked up for 95# to a new 1RM PR clean & jerk at 227# (+2)

For Time
Row 50 calories
5 box jumps
Row 50 calories
50 burpees
15 minute time cap.
I got through 29 burpees before time ran out.

Tuesday - 9/22/2015

4x3, 4x1
Bench Press
Worked up to 195#. (95, 135, 155,165,175, 180, 185, 195)


10 Pull-ups
5 Ring dips
7 T2B
I finished 3.5 rounds using a band for more than half the pull-ups (each round was a mix of banded and non-banded). My hands were pretty beat up after this WOD.

Monday - 9/21/2015

4x3, 4x1
High Bar Back Squat
Started the sets of 3 with 165#, then 205, 225, 245, then singles of 245, 255, 265, and 275#.

For Time
10 DL @ 225
20 Thrusters @ 135#
200m run
30 squat cleans @ 135#
400m run
I was running behind after the 200m run (running out of time), so Stacey had me start the 400m run after 22 reps of the squat cleans. I finished the run, recovered for a bit, then did 8 more squat cleans after the clock had stopped.

Thursday - 9/17/2015

3x3, 3x2
Split Jerk

3 Rounds
40 Wall balls
3 Power clean & jerk @ 95# every time there is a break in the wall balls
Finished this pretty quickly for me. First round I did, 25 and 15 reps. Second round I did 20, 15, and 5. Last round I did 15, 10, 10, and 5.

Wednesday - 9/16/2015

Did not feel well today. Stayed home and recovered.

Tuesday - 9/15/2015

5x5 Push press

5 Rounds of 1:30
3 wall climbs
15 box jumps
15 SDLHP 53#
Max CTB Pull-ups
Rest 1:00 between rounds
All but one round, I never did any SDLHP. The second round, I got 2 reps of SDLHP.

Monday - 9/14/2015

Hip is all better. I spent Friday working at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in West Roxbury. That was hours of lifting and moving furniture. Hard work but a great workout.

Low Bar Back Squat
Worked up to 300#.

3 Deadlift 185/135
6 Barbell Facing Burpees
3 Front Squat (taken from floor, can squat clean)
I went light on this one. I use 135# for the barbell, so Stacey had me do each set of front squats and deadlifts connected and unbroken.

Thursday - 9/10/2015

My hip was still bothering me, so I went to Canal Park to loosen up a bit and get some bench press going.

Stacey had me do some rowing, and that did not hurt.

Got heavy with the bench press then did some band work on my hip. Not pressing my luck since this is a new pain for me.

Wednesday - 9/9/2015

An Ounce of Prevention

I went to the USA v Brazil men's soccer match last night. By the time it was over, my left hip was very stiff. I woke up this morning the same way. I have tried walking it off, stretching it put, and rubbing it down (in private). It is still quite uncomfortable.

I don't know if I did something on Monday or Tuesday to make it angry. There are plenty of possible culprits; running a mile, 35 clean & jerks, handstand push-up kipping, pistols, heavy push jerks. Maybe it was the combination of all of the above.

Either way, I have decided to fight the addictive behavior and take a rest day to avoid making this worse. It was difficult, though. I kept thinking about scaling options, light jogging, rolling out, air squats, and smashing to try to get something in. Ultimately, I have convinced myself that an ounce of prevention will be worth a pound of cure. Trying to stay healthy to fight another day.

Tuesday - 9/8/2015

4x5 Push Jerk
Worked from 75# to 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, and finished at 145#.

4 RFT (15 minute cap)
10 burpees
8 Strict Pull-ups
12 Alternating pistols
I finished 3 full rounds and 10 more burpees. This WOD highlighted that I need to continue working on improving my range of motion on HSPU.

Monday - 9/7/2015

Labor Day WOD

With a partner:
Lift 8000# (4 tons) ground to overhead
Run a mile together.

We did very well getting the lifting done. I started with snatches for a few rounds, then dropped to clean and jerks. We did 115# 70 times (35 each). My legs were shot, so the mile run included some walking. My partner, Tim, did well to push me to finish strong, though.

Thursday - 9/3/2015

200m run
Lunges, push-ups, squats

5-5-5-3-3-3 Bench Press
Worked from 95# to 105, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 185, and ended 195. Current 1RM is 225#.

5 Ring Dips
5 Snatch Balance 75/55
5 Box Jumps 30/24 (full stand)
Finished 4 rounds. Used a band on the rings, but otherwise Rx.

The Rx+ version of today's metcon would have been bar muscle ups and bar dips. I have not had a bar muscle up since my shoulder surgery last July. However, I was feeling it today. I had a few failed attempts, then Flavio recorded this.

Wednesday - 9/2/2015

400m run
Lunges, squats, jumping squats

5-5-3-3-3-3 Deadlift
Worked up to 3x315#. that used to be a 1RM, so I am very happy with that number. Had I known this was my existing 3RM, I would have added some fractionals.

4 Pistols
15 DU
Squat cleans @ 185#
This was all hard. My range on HSPU needs to improve, my knees can't really do pistols. DU was OK. Cleans were heavy and slow after all the other work. I only got 8 reps in 5 minutes.