Benchmarks & PR's


Saturday - 11/14/2015

Coached a regular Foundations class at 2A Saturday morning, followed by coaching my first group class at 9AM.

I was expecting 5-10 people; but as 9AM got closer it kept getting more and more crowded. At go time, there were about 20 people waiting to get started.That's a lot for any coach, much less for my first time. However, Nicole was there and helped out with making sure the instructions made it around the entire group.

The workout was Lumberjack 20 - this is a long WOD with loads of running between 10 rounds of different movements. I started with a warm-up I stole from Stacey Kroon's July 4th WOD; fast feet with turns, jumps, and burpees. After the warm-up, I had everyone figure out weights for the various lifts, set up boxes for jumps, and find their space and scale for pull-ups. To make sure we were good, we did a few reps of each movement. Then it was time to start. The workout took anywhere from 25 to 35 minutes depending on each athlete's scaling choices.

Ultimately, I was comfortable with coaching, got a few good pointers from Nicole, and the class seemed to respond well to the experience. Hoping I can do that more often soon.

Thursday - 11/12/2015

Med ball series (squat, press, ohs, thrusters, run)
Plank series (low, leg lifts)

Bench Press
Worked from 95# up to 190#

3 Rounds
20 Push-ups
50 DU
25 Wall balls @ 20#
Finished in 10:20

Wednesday - 11/11/15

200m run
Kipping + T2B
Handstands and HSPU

Worked from 75# to 85, 95, 105, 115, to 125#.

For 100m Reps, AMRAP 12
Buy-in 1: 3 Rounds
7 Squat snatches @ 95#
7 T2B
Buy-in 2: 3 Rounds
8 Alternating pistols
Run for remaining time

Tuesday - 11/10/2015

20 DU, 30 Sit-ups, 15 DU, 25 SU, 10 DU, 20 SU, 5 DU, 15 SU

Push Press
Worked from 95#, to 115, 135, 145, 155, to 165#

5 Pull-ups
3 Power Cleans @ 115#
1 STOH @ 115
Finished each round between 20-22 seconds. Rest and breathing were key to getting these done. All pull-ups kipping and unbroken.

Thursday - 11/5/2015

3 Rounds of Double Unders + Wall Sits

Push Jerk
I actually exceeded my last PR for split jerk (and push jerk by extension). Put up 228#.

5 Rounds, 2:00 each with 1:00 rest
25 Air squats
15 T2B
Max KBS @ 44#
This killed me. I got 11 swings in the first round, 1 in the second, and zero after that. I tried getting a big set of T2B each round, but that left me gassed and unable to get all 15 within the 2 minutes. Aaron recommended starting out at a slower pace (sets of 2) so that I don't red line early. By the time I tried this (round 5), it was too late. That will be a strategy to try in the future.

Wednesday - 11/4/2015

Using 2 heavy KB, finish 3 rounds of:
3 Russian swings
3 Deadlifts
25m Farmer's carry
5 Burpees

15 rounds, :10 on/:10 off
Hollow Rocks
75 Alternating Supermans

10 Rounds, 35 minute time limit
200m Run
3 Strict pull-ups
10 Burpees
1 Deadlift @ 225#

200m run
3 Strict pull-ups
9 Burpees
2 Deadlifts

200m run
3 Strict pull-ups
8 Burpees
3 Deadlifts


200m run
3 Strict pull-ups
1 Burpees
10 Deadlifts
I was the only one in class. Stacey was coaching and did well to push me through. I wanted to stop after the first round, but kept chugging along. I jogged all the runs and got 3 unbroken strict pull-ups every round. With a big push at the end for 2 sets of 5 deadlifts, I finished just under the cap at 34:50.

Tuesday - 11/3/2015

Open Gym
I pre-registered for the only noon-time class today. It was on the schedule to start at 1:30pm. However, that was a mistake and the normal class schedule was in effect. That meant I just got to work on open gym stuff.

1RM for complex
2 Hang squat cleans + 2 split jerks
Worked from 95# to 115, 135, 145, and finished at 155#. The jerks were still light, but it was getting heavy for my hang squat cleans.

After the barbell work, I spend some time on freestanding handstand holds. Still need to improve on that.

Monday - 11/2/2015

7 Rounds
50m run
N Squats (1 for each round; jumping squats after round 3)

Back squat
Got 315#, failed 335#. Thought I was going for 325, but had the wrong plates. Amazing how much math stops working mid-workout.

For time
30 Snatches @ 95#
50 Burpee Pull-ups
I have a comp in December that starts with 30 snatches at 95#, so I wanted to use the first part of the WOD to benchmark that. I broke it up into sets of 5 and tried to keep my breathing under control (only moderately successful for the latter). I finished the 30 snatches in 4:05. There was a 15 minute cap for the whole workout. I started doing sets of 5 burpee pull-ups. This was another struggle to get my breathing under control. At 15 minutes, I have 41 reps of 50 complete. I caught my breath for a minute or so, then finished the last 9 reps.

Halloween Hangover Partner Comp

I spent Sunday at CrossFit Rail Trail doing a partner comp with Tonya Lucas. We ended up at the bottom of the leader board, but we had a great time working out together. Personally, I felt really good about my max clean (235#)  and shoulder to overheads with 95# - including a sprint of 29 in a row to finish off the lifting. I was also happy with getting 30 unbroken wall ball shots and 25 quick KBS.

As a team, we had some issues with time management more than anything else. Getting the work done was not an issue; getting it done fast and efficiently was a problem. These are things that can be improved with more experience and more practice before the competitions.

All in all, though, it was great working through these with Tonya.

Also, Nicole competed and kicked butt. Here she is on the podium. Nice work!

Wednesday - 10/28/2015

3 rounds of :10 Russian KBS, :10 Lunges
3 rounds of :10 Jumping squats, :10 Squats
3 rounds of :10 push-ups, :10 Burps

10 Rounds, 2:00 each round
Power clean + power clean + split jerk + front squat + front squat
Worked from 75# in round 1 to 185# in round 10. Hurt myself in round 9 with 175# (bringing the weight down, caught the bar with my lower thigh instead of near my hip). I'll live; just a flesh wound.

Back squats off the ground @ 135#
American KBS @ 44#
Finished in a respectable 5:24.

Tuesday - 10/27/2015

Row for pace, then row for strokes/min, then both. End with :15 sprints.

1RM Strict Press
Worked 95#, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165# for a new PR (+5)

5 Burpees
10 S2OH @ 115#
15 Pull-ups
I mostly used this WOD as a chance to work on butterfly pull-ups in a workout. I normally got sets of 3, and I had one set of 4 (another PR).

Monday - 10/26/2015

4 rounds
:30 DU
5 hang squat cleans

Low bar back squat
Worked up from 135#, to 165, 185, 225, 255, 275, to 285#

5 Rounds
1:00 to finish 5 squat cleans @ 135# plus ME DU
If cleans are all TnG, add 10 extra reps
Rest 1:00
All rounds were unbroken cleans. score was 32 + 40 + 35 + 42 + 47 for a total of 196.

Friday - 10/23/2015

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 front squats @ 45#
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 thrusters @ 45#
Working with a partner, one does 1 rep, then the other partner does 1 rep; first does 2, other does 2; and so on until 8 and 8. Then start with 1 thruster each up to 8.

Front Squat
Worked up to 295# and failed at 300#. Soon...

15 Thrusters @ 85#
20 T2B
Finished in 10:26. This gassed me after the first round. Breathing was a train wreck.

Thursday - 10/22/2015

2 Rounds
Run 1200m
25 Wall Ball 20/14
25 Lunges
40 Hand Release Push-Ups
40 Situps
25 Ring Dips
Row 1200m
This had a 45 minute time cap, but I kept going and finished in 58 minutes.

Wednesday - 10/21/2015

Lunges, jumping lunges, push-ups, squats, jumping squats, burpees
5 rounds of Russian KBS @ 70#, :10 on :10 off


Worked up to 3 @ 275# then 2 @ 315#

Box Jumps @ 30"
30 Front squats @ 135#
Finished this in 11:11

Tuesday - 10/20/2015

3 Rounds
5 OHS squats with 25# plate
5 Ground 2 OH with 25# plate
:30 wall sit

Push Jerks
Worked from 95# to 105, 125, 135, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, and ended at 205#

20 Rounds, 15 minute cap
1 Snatch @ 135#
5 Burpees
Finished 17 rounds in 15 minutes

Monday - 10/19/2015

Double under practice
:20 DU + :15 extra + :15 rest x 4

5x2 Thrusters
Worked from 95# up to 160#

3 TNG Squat cleans @ 135#
3 Bar muscle-up (attempts or better)
24 DU
Got into the 4th round.

Extra credit: Worked on squat cleans. Worked up to single at 205#. Was too tired to hit the 225#

Saturday - 10/17/2015

Rope Climbing

Coached a rope climbing clinic Saturday morning at CrossFit 2A. We had several people that got their first ascent, and others that improved their technique and efficiency. A few still have work to do to get past the first position, but it is all part of the process.

Toward the end of the clinic I was feeling pretty good and got my first legless rope climb. I got to the very top (at the knot), but did not actually tough the girder above the rope - so for competition rules, that's a no-rep; but, for me, I got to the top so I'm counting it.


Also, Tonya and I signed up to compete in the Halloween Hangover comp at CrossFit Rail Trail in Hudson on November 1. Let the training begin in earnest!

Tuesday - 10/13/2015

3 Rounds

20 L Pull-Ups
30 Toes to Bar
40 Burpees
Run 800m
I finished 2 rounds in the 40 minute time cap. However, I did all the pull-ups strict and unassisted T2B. Burpees were awful, of course!

Monday - 10/12/2015

Session 1 - CrossFit Lando Canal Park
Overhead squat
Worked from 75# to 85, 95, 105, 115, 125, and 135#

Minute 1: Max effort 95# thrusters
Minute 2: Run 200m
Minute 3: rest
Score is total thrusters,
I completed 14 thrusters in the first round, then 10 each round after that for a total of 74 thrusters.

Session 2 - CrossFit Craic
Back squat
Worked from 135# up to 265#

Minute 1: 12 Burpees
Minute 2: 9 Thrusters @ 75#
Minute 3: 6 C2B Pull-ups
Finished this in good shape. My pull-ups became regular pull-ups after round 2.